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In late summer 2014, just before a second cancer operation to remove a sarcoma and yet more organs, I met a group of children on the beach of the River Thames, almost opposite St Pauls. Bronwen, mother to two of the children saw that I had a camera and asked me to take a photograph of them. And so a friendship began between people who knew medicine and scars. Between people who knew how the power of the human spirit can overcome massive obstacles. We shared a joy in living.

When my own health permitted, I started to document the children by photographic portraiture. I am traveling to Johannesburg, South Africa with my son Taigh on Friday to meet some more of the many Children of Fire. We aim to photograph and film the children, read and play with them, and to visit their homes to try and tell their stories. The children we have met so far are joyous and bubbly characters who love having their photographs taken and they have and continue to enrich our lives. I hope we can do them justice and that their strength, beauty and courage shine through.


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