leaving today..

woke up in a sweat not uncommon these days.. helped on by a last minute supper in Toast E.D last night, grazing on clams, marrowbone and spanish chiiled vino  (not my words). Still trying to work out what animal the bone came from. The waitress thought it was a cow, but she didn’t really know. Quite pleased with myself I didn’t take it home as an objet d’art or an ashtray. Also grabbed a chance to schmooze with editor of local magazines (am driven) Angela Burgess eating nearby, after she published a recent piece on my exhibition of dogs n legs.  It’s been quite a week, starting in the same restaurant, saying a sad goodbye to a dear friend whose wife recently died of a sarcoma (diagnosed/ miss-diagnosed sometime after me). He is about to take a cathartic and spiritual journey, by road, back to his homeland of Spain. He told me Gill would be proud and so pleased about the journey myself and Taigh are about to undertake. Goodbyes are hard.

Well, myself and Taigh are almost packed and really excited, well actually the teen is still in bed.. but I know he is chomping at the bit, as am I, to meet all of the children in Joburg. Had a call from Bronwen this morning- she said I should warn Taigh that the accommodation is cramped – immersion is good though no? She emailed to say the temperature in Joburg is 19-25 degrees (so not minus one as one of the kids told me!).

wish us luck lovlies….


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