candlelit supper…

power cut since 9pm on Saturday at the school and sundown here is around 6pm, meant that food last night had to be prepared by candlelight by wonderful chef volunteer Franklin (amongst his other skills). The kids eat their food outside, sitting on steps and perched on a table tennis table, tho not always in pitch darkness. The kids say power cuts are normal and frequent so they are used to it-on the plus side Taigh had the kids raving to stobe lights, chasing shadow puppets and playing a bit of a sad attempt at sardines…when you can’t see anything and all the kids hide under the same table, at the same time…and then I got to have a (bit of a magical actually) candlelit supper with my son, on a broken chair, next to a broken brick wall, surrounded by beautiful children..

haven’t managed to source any hot water yet apart from a kettle full in the sink, just gotta work out when it’s on- my hair hasn’t seen this natural oil for years- maybe will try out one of those experiments? bed’s as comfy as a marshmallow on a cloud…zzzzz



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