here comes the dreamer…

writing this as Bronwen skyping the children in London with a group of kids here, she has the kind of irreverence and straight talking that has the kids in london and Joburg laughing and joking no holds barred, across the wires. I get to chat to Wendy, Sizwe, Dikolede and Perlucia from their hometown and they in mine.

escorted to church yesterday by 5 kids, where the littlest, Rienne Dit aged 2 (in French meaning ‘not a lot to say’- not this kid!) spent his time walking back and forth up the isle to the priest bringing hymnals and bibles- the priest thanked him for every copy and then continued his sermon. – others learnt the story of Joseph and his dreams..( so thats where the 7 year thing came from- am lapsed catholic who still remembers the response to lift up your hearts…) Taigh headed to the Slovo squatter camp with Loide and Franklin and a single use camera. Many of the young burns survivors go regularly to the squatter camps to help out and today they helped the children draw welcome posters. Taigh told me it was ‘gritty with a sense of community’… ‘impressive ingenuity considering what little they have’..ooh and that they all wore ‘weed leaf hats’ (he kinda wants one) and that he wouldn’t survive a day there by himself!!



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