paper boats in Soweto

Crazy, busy Monday here, blogging on adrenalin in between activities and no time to edit pics. A 6.30am wake up for an assembly and a sing song in the garden followed by an African drum lesson for all the kids, including some who were blind and who attend the local Jo’burg school for the blind with the ChiFi kids. The charity wanted me to get an insight into the hospital process and so Jemina, myself Quando, Seiso, Zanele and Rienne Dit jumped into a car and headed for Soweto; running late, the kids brought their spaghetti, boiled eggs and schoolwork with them! Lots of waiting and showing the kids how to make paper boats from notebook scraps as we went through the procedure to admit Quando to have a tissue expander removed and placed in the other side of her head- these kids are really, really, really brave.  At one point I ended up in a room with Rienne Dit and a plastic surgeon, trying my best to explain that Jemina was with another doctor but that I knew Bronwen was trying to get Rienne’s surgery brought forward because he needed to get back to his family- did my best but he was having none of it.  Tho the charity wanted me to take photographs, they warned me that I should keep my camera hidden (Bronwen suggesting I put some knickers over it to scare the security guards away- nice…) until I was inside with the kids and doctors. Sure enough we went through a checkpoint to get in, Jemina wasn’t sure why when i asked her but said..”I’m not sure but something’s not right”. On the way out when they again checked the boot of the car, I made a joke; ‘are they looking for us stealing bodies?..she replied nonplused ‘Ja, medication, bodies, guns…’



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