Harmony versus Parr..

Trying to keep up with the blogs in a frantic environment- like me and Taigh are a couple of reporters hanging out with our equipment in an apartment, stressing over lost films and iclouds and writing like a maniac about everything that goes on here- they tell me it’s the South African way. Bronwen is a Trojan. She has so much energy, kind of reminds me of a friend back home Amanda, people who push me to my very limits despite my weak protestations, because they know I can cope with it. I’m glad I have them in my life or I might be spending my time moping about and winging about my uncertain future. I’m trying to use some of their skills with Taigh- not always successfully- but hey I’m his molly coddling mother.

An evening spent hanging out with the children while some of the older kids and volunteers prepared supper. After a five month gap of no food from Woolworths (yes they still have it! ) the past-best-by food supplies are collected 25km away and brought to share with children, Slovo squatter camp, the local homeless, the local Old Age Home and more. The distant supermarket gives the kids food (and bouquets of flowers) on their expiry date –we have flowers in our little house. The kids work well together with little friction – Bronwens’ encouragement for the children’s independence shines through and the children’ get on with it’ they totally look out for each other and it is indeed a family. –encouraged the kids to take some ownership of their own photos tonight – the absolute posers! Harmony took charge of the lens while Mbali, Rien ne Dit and Mel modelled, leaving me no work to do. But abandoned teen Nkosinathi with unhealed burns four years after injury, was the boy and the image that played repeatedly in my mind.

_DSC0415_DSC0434_DSC0467_DSC0456_DSC0454 (2)_DSC0468


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