back in Joburg!


I’m Back! not sure how I managed a second trip- more doing than thinking, but it’s so good to see the kids again. Just to sit with Loide, Tepieso and the others in the #Childrenoffire garden- to catch up on all their stories, was magical. And, well worth an 11 hour flight, on a changed ticket after my last minute visit with the #PrimeMinister in London with the Sarcoma UK team. The kids all look so well. It’s summer here and in the low 30’s so lots of swimming in the ChiFi pool and hanging out in the shade of the wonderful trees here. Some of the children I met on my last visit, more than a year ago, have moved on or back home and there are new children attending who I had not met previously. I’m getting to know them all through art, poetry and, yes more papier mache projects, inbetween requests from Bronwen to teach the children about penguins ( before a theatre trip) and to help them learn ‘The owl and the pussycat” Lear poem- I’m not sure why?! So far we have been to the Chubb Christmas party and taken a trip on a huge steam train to Magliesburg- more about that later!


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